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STRATEGIC DIRECTION 5: UW Libraries will serve as centers of knowledge and information for their campuses by providing the physical facilities and IT infrastructure to promote teaching and learning and will meet access requirements for all students, faculty and staff.

  • The UW libraries will function as centers for collaborative learning, group study, private research and specialized instruction as well as repositories for collections.  
  • Work with campus IT to ensure network capacity, hardware, and software to support information retrieval. 

    Assure that the requirements of persons with disabilities are accommodated in terms of hardware, software, and web-based information resources and support national efforts to monitor and encourage accommodation by outside vendors. (emphasis added)

    Provide workstations and web pages which implement standards required for access by users with disabilities and will implement recommendations in the “Report of the Committee on Access to Technology for Individuals with Disabilities” [] and the accompanying letter of Bob Christiansen, Chair of UW System Advisory Committee on Accessibility to Technology [].

    Approved by CUWL on October 1, 2001

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