I created this site to make freely available my most recent data on web accessibility at selected U.S. campuses. I selected the 24 campuses with the most highly ranked library schools in the nation (acc. to the latest U.S. News report). For each of the 24 campuses, I collected accessibility data on the top-layer web pages for the general campus, the library and the library school. The top-layer pages included the homepage and all the pages within the same domain that were directly linked to it.

The data were collected between April 1 and May 17, 2000. Parts of them were presented at the DEED 2000 Conference in Rochester, N.Y., April 29, 2000. This survey is a expansion of my 1999 and 2000 studies entitled Web Page Accessibility on University of Wisconsin Campuses: A Comparative Study and Web Page Accessibility on University of Wisconsin Campuses: 2000 Survey Data.

A detailed description of this study and an in-depth discussion of the data is provided in my article on "Web Accessibility at University Libraries and Library Schools"--published in Library Hi Tech. 19(1) 2001: 35-49.

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