I created this site to make freely available my most recent data on web accessibility at selected North American campuses. This study, which is described in detail in my article "Web Accessibility at University Libraries and Library Schools: 2002 Follow-Up Study" (Chapter 8 in Mary Hricko, ed., Design and Implementation of Web-Enabled Teaching Tools. Hershey, Pa: Idea Group Publishing, 2003, pp. 145-189), includes all 56 campuses with ALA-accredited library school programs.

For each of the 56 campuses, I collected accessibility data on the top-layer web pages for the library and the library school. The top-layer pages included the homepage and all the pages within the same domain or folder that were directly linked to it.

The data were collected between February 1 and May 17, 2002. This survey is a expansion of and update to a previous study in 2000, which involved  a subset of the current study: the 24 campuses with the most highly ranked library schools in the nation (acc. to the latest U.S. News &World Report).

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Researched and created by Axel Schmetzke, Library, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.
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