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Web sites, just like buildings, can be designed to meet the needs of all people, including those with disabilities. Unfortunately, many (if not most) current web pages and web-based resources contain major access barriers. This site aspires to be a clearinghouse for studies involving the collection of accessibility data pertaining to web sites and online resources in education, particularly in higher education. Such studies and their findings are important for several reasons: (1) They provide institutions with a realistic picture about the accessibility of their web sites. (2) They supply advocates for a barrier-free online environment with data by which to further their cause.  (3) They enable librarians contemplating the purchase of online resources to make better informed procurement decisions. (4) To vendors of online products, they identify product features that need improvement. (5) By providing models for online accessibility research they are likely to stimulate further research in this area.

The audience for this resource guide include producers of online resources, including web designers; college and university instructors, administrators, and policy makers; distance educators; librarians; and disability professionals.

If you know of accessibility studies not referenced on this site, please contact me.

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This site has recently undergone a major overhaul. The intention was to move away from a site primarily serving as a gateway to the author's own research towards a more comprehensive site functioning as a sort of  clearinghouse for all research in this area. The scope of this site is no longer confined to survey-like studies of web page accessibility; it now covers investigations into the accessibility of all web-based resources found in the educational environment, including online library databases and courseware.

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