My CAL 21 at the beach


CAL 21 near the beach




One of the nice thing about the CAL 21 is that you often get by without a dinghy. With the swing keel up, and the rudder pulled up as shown below (last photo), she floats in less than a foot of water.









CAL 21 with anchor shank sticking out of the water




I leaned the shank of my danforth against the hull in order to show how shallow the water is.




CAL 21 with floating shoes next to it



Both boat and shoes afloat. Now, where the heck is the captain?






CAL 21 right at the beach




Oh no, not another beach photo! Yawn!






CAL 21 with tiller pulled up





When approaching shallow water, I lift up the rudder and secure it by placing the rudder bottom gudgeon over the transom top pintle. In fairly calm weather, this also enables some degree of maneuverability.









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Axel Schmetzke



Last updated: Wednesday April 07, 2010