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Basic Procedures for Preparing and Transferring

Records to the Archives


Consult the Archives (x2586) to Ensure that your Records are Scheduled for Transfer to the Archives.

The Archivist will need to know what types of records you have for transfer to the Archives (i.e. subject files, committee records, personnel files, etc.) and the RDA(s) covering your records.

The Archivist will also need to know how much you have to transfer (i.e. number of file drawers of records or the number of record center boxes)...

The Records Transfer and Inventory Form will need to be completed.

Preparing Records for Transfer to the Archives.

Discard blank forms. Remove duplicate copies of documents; one copy is sufficient.

Remove drafts of documents; retain only the final version unless there is none.

Discard convenience copies of publications, reports, memos, etc., for which your office was not the originator or the office of record.

Discard materials that have no informational value, such as, envelopes, route slips, phone messages, and illegible notes.

Remove rubber bands and paper clips; use staples.

Remove materials from ring binders and hanging folders and place in file folders; maintain the original order of the records. Transfer information from the ring binders and hanging folders to the file folders; if more than one folder is needed label as, for example, "folder 1 of 2," "folder 2 of 2," etc.

Box the Records Scheduled for Transfer to the Archives.

If confidential records are being sent to the Archives, tape the box shut.

All records sent to the University Archives must be packed in approved Records Center cartons or boxes of similar size.  A standard Records Center box holds approximately one cubic foot of records and will accommodate both letter and legal files. Boxes larger than one cubic foot will not be accepted. Records Center Cartons are available in the Archives at a cost of $2.00. If your records require odd-size containers, please contact the Archives to discuss alternative boxing and storage arrangements.

Maintain the filing arrangement of the records (i.e. alphabetic, numeric, chronologic, subject).

Keep the records in their original file folders and ensure that the files are clearly labeled; include span dates. (Example: Space Planning, 1983-1990).

Do not over-pack or under-pack the boxes.

Clearly label the boxes; use the form printed on one end of the box.

Complete the Records Transfer and Inventory Form

Fill out the form as accurately as possible; the Archives uses the information you provide to retrieve records requested by your office.

See the sample copy of a filled out form.

Call the Archives (346-2586) to Arrange Pickup of your Records.

The Archives can arrange to pick up your records as well as the Records Transfer and Inventory Form at a time convenient for you and the Archives.  Central Stores (346-3897) will pick up and deliver the records to the Archives in Room 506 of the Learning Resources Center for a nominal fee.  Alternate pickup or drop-off arrangements may be made upon request.

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