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Contents of Official Unclassified Staff
Personnel Files


Official unclassified staff personnel files should be transferred to the Archives for permanent retention five years after separation from the employing division. Before the official personnel files are transferred to the Archives they should be weeded to remove duplicates and materials that are not scheduled for permanent retention. Items that are weeded from the personnel files should be destroyed.

Listed below are: (1) items that should be permanently retained in the official personnel files; and (2) items that should be weeded from the official personnel files before they are transferred to the Archives.

Please contact the Archives at x2586 with any questions.

1. Items to be Permanently Retained in the Official Personnel Files:

  • Arbitration Records
  • Disciplinary Records
  • Employment Contracts
  • Gender/Racial Equity Reports
  • Grievance Records
  • Letters of Offer or Appointment or Salary Letters
  • Letters of Reference
  • Most current Vitae/Resume
  • Performance Evaluations and Awards
  • Position Descriptions
  • Promotion/Review Records
  • Reclassification Records
  • Summary Evaluations by Students for Teaching Faculty
  • Tenure or Indefinite Status Records

2. Items to be Weeded from the Official Personnel Files:

  • Absence, Leave, and Vacation Requests and Reports
  • Outdated Vitae
  • Personnel Action Forms
  • Physical Examination Certificates
  • Travel Records
  • Tuition Fee Reimbursement Records
  • Withholding Allowance Certificates (W-4 Forms)
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