Web Page Accessibility on University of Wisconsin Campuses:

2000 Survey Data


by Axel Schmetzke

Link to the most recent survey (2002)

This web site was created to publish the most recent data on web page accessibility at University of Wisconsin campuses, along with some other information pertinent to the issue. The data were collected between March 24 and March 31, 2000, and they were first presented at the Wisconsin Association of Academic Libraries (WAAL) conference, held in Fond Du Lac, WI, on April 12, 2000. This survey is a continuation of my 1999 study entitled Web Page Accessibility on University of Wisconsin Campuses: A Comparative Study. For data on web accessibility at universities nationwide, please visit my Web Accessibility Survey homepage.


  1. Accessibility data generated with Bobby
  2. Survey methodology
  3. New UW System Policy
  4. Individual UW campus policies
  5. Resources page on accessible web page design

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Researched and created by Axel Schmetzke, Library, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.
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