Web Accessibility Policies on UW campuses:

Compliance with major standards/guidelines


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Table: Web Accessibility Policies on University of Wisconsin campuses



Posted/Last Revised

Section 508 WCAG-A* WCAG-AA* WCAG-AAA* Comments
UW-Eau Claire 7/9/2007 recomm.        
UW Extension 6/2/2006 mandatory recomm. recomm. recomm.  
UW-Green Bay 5/19/2004   mandatory      
UW-La Crosse July 2003 mandatory recomm.
UW-Madison 5/1/2003 mandatory recomm. recomm. recomm.  
UW-Milwaukee 10/3/2001         Mandates accessibility; includes some specific design features.
UW-Oshkosh 5/23/2001   mandatory      
UW-Parkside 2001   recomm.;
Ambiguous language; "Web accessibility is a priority issue."
UW-Platteville 2/7/2005 recomm. recomm. recomm. recomm. urges use of XHTML; nice rationale for web accessibility.
UW-River Falls n.d.,   reomm.     Part of larger Web policy.
UW-Stevens Point 7/1/2005
mandatory recomm. recomm. recomm. Addresses web pages as well as online services and applications.
UW-Stout 3/11/2008;
recomm.       Encouraged to make pages accessible; university templates comply with Section 508.
UW-Superior May 2003 mandatory        
UW-Whitewater n.d.   recomm.**     Proposed Plan (10/23/01); if it had been adopted WCAG-A compliance would be mandatory.

Notes and updates:

*WCAG refers to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines issued by the W3C/WAI.

**Recommended guidelines are an adaptation of WCAG 1.0. and 2.0.


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University of Wisconsin System Web Accessibility Policies

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