Web Page Accessibility on University of Wisconsin Campuses:

2005 Survey and Seven-Year Trend Data

by Axel Schmetzke


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This web site was created to make readily available the most recent data on web page accessibility at University of Wisconsin campuses, along with some other information pertinent to the issue. The data were collected between April 7 and April 11, 2005, and they will be presented, in form of a poster session, at the Wisconsin Association of Academic Libraries (WAAL) conference (Madison, WI, April 20, 2005).

This survey is the seventh in a series of studies focusing on web accessibility on UW campuses--a series that was begun in 1999. The findings presented here will not only provide a picture of the present, but they will also furnish each of the 13 major campuses within the UW system with trend information reflecting its relative progress over time--information that could help each campus to evaluate the effectiveness of its current policies and implementation measures pertaining to the creation of an accessible Web environment.

For data on web accessibility at universities wordwide, please visit my Web Accessibility Survey homepage.

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