Web Page Accessibility on University of Wisconsin Campuses

A Comparative Study


by Axel Schmetzke

Link to the most recent survey (2002)

This web site was created to accompany my presentation at the Wisconsin Association of Academic Libraries (WAAL) conference, held in Madison, WI, on April 15, 1999. While this web site is no substitute for my presentation, I have attempted to organize the information provided here so that individuals who have not attended my presentation may benefit from it.  I will seek to publish a comprehensive discussion of my project this fall in a professional-academic journals yet to be selected.

Note:  For more recent data, go to my Web Accessibility Survey Site


  1. Accessibility data generated with Bobby
  2. Campus web design policies and guidelines
  3. On-campus web authoring training and recommended off-campus instructional resources
  4. Resources page on accessible web page design

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