Rheinhold's Monkey Bronze (Cottbus, Germany; private owner)

Height of bronze (without plinth/pedestal): ca. 10.3 cm.


This is the smallest "monkey" version of Gladenbeck's production line (see the Gladenbeck Catalog, Nr. 1194). Also of interests to the reader may be recent casts of this size by the Bildgießerei Seiler  (reproduced from original Gladenbeck pieces).




Cottbus monkey; frontal view with tape measure


  Front (with tape measure in cm)

































Cottbus monkey; side view with Gladenbeck foundry markings


Left side showing foundry markings:
"Akt.Ges. vorm. H.G. & S."
(Aktien-Gesellschaft vormals Hermann Gladenbeck & Sohn)

























Cottbus monkey, right side


  Right side































Cottbus monkey; from behind


                                                   From Behind































Cottbus monkey; with 'Rheinhold' marking


  "Rheinhold" marking























All photos on this page courtesy of the owner of this bronze.


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