Table: Gladenbeck--name variations, works and dates; based on Harold Berman, Abage Encyclopedia (Bronzes, Sculptors & Founders, 1800-1930). Chicago: Abage, 1974-1980 (4 vol. series).

Firm name Listed in Assigned number Date
Gladenbeck Vol. I 417, 512 c1900, c1850
Gladenbeck Vol. II 1350 c1865
Gladenbeck Vol. IV 3365, 3375, 3417, 3421, 3699 (Seal 82), 4794 c1910, c1905, c1900, c1900, c1900, c1900
(H.) Gladenbeck & Sohn Vol. I 136, 148, 150, 152, 314, 697 c1925, c1890, c1910, c1900, c1860, c1890
(H.) Gladenbeck & Sohn Vol. II 992, 1118, 1294, 1719 c1900, c1910, c1900, c1920
(H.) Gladenbeck & Sohn Vol. III 2012, 2531, 2569 c1910, c1880, c1895
Akt.-Ges. v. H. Gladenbeck u. S. Vol. II 1635 c1910,
Aktien-Gesellschaft Gladenbeck Vol. IV 3262, c1900,
O. [Oskar] Gladenbeck Vol. II 1140 c1890
O. [Oskar] Gladenbeck Vol. IV 3381, 3385, 3456, 3641, 3959, 4556 c1910, c1920, c1899, c1895, c1895, 1903
W. & P. Gladenbeck Vol. IV 4575 c1890
Gladenbeck-Friedrich & Shoger Vol. IV 3501 c1890


I created this table hoping to establish the sequence and timing of the name and ownership changes concerning the Gladenbeck foundry. As it turned out, the information provided by Berman is too imprecise, too inconsistent, and probably too inaccurate to allow any conclusions. Fortunately, as I discovered shortly thereafter, the history of Gladenbeck has been documented in some detail by by Berger (1988), Nummert (1998), Sprink (2002), Schmidt (2003) and --see the Gladenbeck section.


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