Rheinhold's Monkey Reproduction
N. Herz & Söhne, Wiesbaden, Germany

Auction description: "Rheinhold, Hugo Wolfgang, skulptur, brons, 'Eritis Sicut Deus', sign, gjutarstpl för N Herz & Söhne Wiesbaden, h 17 cm, dekorelement saknas."


The Wiesbaden address books contain an entry for the foundry "N Herz & Söhne" for the years 1890 to 1909/10. The named owners are Nathan und Hermann Herz (initially), and Gustav Herz (towards the end of this period).



Sculpture with missing skull

Sculpture with missing skull (Herz reproduction)



Foundry markings: N. Herz & Söhne Wiesbaden

Foundry markings: N. Herz & Söhne Wiesbaden



All photos on this page courtesy of Martin Laurell of Hallands Auktionsverk AB.




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