Monkey incorrectly attributed to Gertrude Alice (Meredith) Williams


Rheinhold's monkey bronze falsely attributed to Gertrude Alice (Meredith) Williams

"An ingenious look at man by the Edinburgh sculptor, Gertrude Alice Meredith. The chimpanzee is seated on a pile of Darwin's volumes contemplating a human skull held in his hand and showing superior dexterity by holding a pair of calipers in one foot. The theme of the sculpture is based on a phrase in Genesis 'God made Man in his own image'. 34cm (13 1/2 ins.): black patination Edinburgh c.1880  350 - 450." Source for text and image: Christopher Payne, Animals in Bronze. Reference and Price Guide. Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK: Antique Collectors' Club, 1986, p. 64. (Reproduced in conformance with the "fair use" clause of U.S. copyright.)


According to an email received from the Liverpool Record Office (Dec. 1, 2004), the birth of Gertrude Alice Williams (Williams was Meredith's maiden name) was registered in West Derby, part of Liverpool (UK), in the September quarter of 1877. If the 1880 date was correct, the artist would have created the statuette when she was about three years old.



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