Ape-contemplating-a-human-skull statuette with "G.A. Meredith" inscription

Thanks to Lily Szabo for taking the photos and Jennifer Szabo for the permission to post them.

Monkey sculpture with "G.A. Meredith" inscription: frontal view

Monkey sculpture with "G.A. Meredith" inscription: side view


 "G.A. Meredith" inscription close-up


The statuette depicted above was purchased at an auction in New Jersey in the mid-1990s.


A seemingly identical sculpture (again with the "G.A. Meredith" inscription) is also depicted at the Boloji.com Workshop #15 web site. According to its owner, it was manufactured in Thailand and purchased at an auction in New York around 1999/2000 (email from Rajender Krishan Oct. 23, 2005). If these sculptures were indeed manufactured in Thailand, they are, most likely, either not authentic (a forgery) or not at all associated with the British woman artist G.A. Meredith Williams (Gertrude Alice Williams, before her marriage) who was born 1877 in West Derby (part of Liverpool). (I will reserve my final judgment until further evidence comes to the surface.)


See also the incorrect attribution of Rheinhold's monkey to Gertrude Alice Meredith in Christopher Payne's book, Animals in Bronze. Reference and Price Guide.




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