Rheinhold's Monkey Bronze

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (previously in Munnekeburen)
Private owner: Frans Schrijver


Note: The skull was painted bone-color by previous owners; this color is not part of the original patina.



Left side

Left side of monkey statuette (Schrijver)



Left side (close-up)


Left side of monkey statuette, close-up (Schrijver)



Right side


Right side of monkey statuette (Schrijver)



Right side with "Rheinhold" signature (close-up)


Right side of monkey statuette (Schrijver) with Rheinhold's signature





Frontal photo of monkey statuette (Schrijver)



Face (close-up)


Close-up of monkey's face (statuette owned by Schrijver)




Book plate (ex libris) created by Mr. Thijs Mauve (about 1955).


Translation: From the library of F. Schrijver.

Thijs Mauve (1915-1996) was the grandson of the prominent Dutch 19th-century landscape painter Anton Mauve.



Image of book plate (ex libris) based on Rheinhold's monkey; created by Thijs Mauve.




All photos on this page courtesy of Ida Schrijver.





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