Original Gladenbeck Pieces of Rheinhold's Monkey
(10.5 cm, without plinth)


Hugo Rheinhold's monkey--mold pieces with head in place

Hugo Rheinhold's monkey--mold pieces with head and skull separated



The castings depicted above, produced by the now defunct Gladenbeck foundry, are now in the possession of the Bildgießerei Seiler GmbH, An der Reihe 204, 15566 S c h ö n e i c h e bei Berlin, Germany. Special thanks to Jochen Richter, Berlin, for helping to hunt down these castings and for providing the images.


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▬▬►Readers interested in purchasing a bronze to be reproduced from the above castings, please contact  the Seiler foundry by email (bildgiesserei-seiler@t-online.de) or by regular mail (Bildgiesserei Seiler GmbH, An der Reihe 204, D-15566 Schoeneiche, Germany).


The statuette is available in two versions:

Update (June 16, 2004): So far, the Bildgießerei Seiler has produced five statuettes from the above castings. The picture below depicts the original pieces (right), along with two castings at various stages of production (photo courtesy of Jochen Richter).


Hugo Rheinhold's monkey statuette: original 13 cm mold, along with two castings at various stages of production



Seiler 2004 casting #1 of Rheinhold's monkey statuette--almost finished (with caliper but still without the final plinth, which is likely to be made of bronze):


Rheinhold's monkey--almost finsished re-edition by Seiler



Update (August 30, 2004):  The Bildgiesserei Seiler has finished two of the monkey bronzes: a normal "modern" version (left on the picture below) and a finely chiseled "traditional" version (right). As Dr. Richter points out "the differences between the two modes are very small and really noticeable only in direct comparison. All relevant details (inscriptions, seams of the scull bones, etc.) are equally well done; only the profile of the ape's fur is a bit deeper and more differentiated in the fine mode. The height is 12 cm, the (net) weight of every sculpture is about 1,130 grams" (personal communication). The price is 685,80 € for the normal version, and 911.88 € for the finely chiseled version (photo courtesy of Jochen Richter).


Update (December 2, 2004): The height without the base is approximately 10.5 cm.



Rheihhold's monkey--two finished re-editions by Seiler


Update (January 11, 2005): So far, three of the five re-editions have been sold. Realizing that this piece may be more in demand than initially assumed, Bildgiesserei Seiler decided to keep the silicon negative and absorb its cost. This is good news for prospective buyers. Contrary to what was stated earlier, there will be no additional charge for the silicon negative.


Update (May 13, 2005): Seiler is continuing its production of re-editions based on original Gladenbeck pieces. Recently, Dr. Richter provided me with the following three additional images:



Rheinhold's monkey--Seiler re-edition, right view





Rheinhold's monkey--Seiler re-edition, left view





Rheinhold's monkey--Seiler re-edition, close-up of company markings "AK-Ge vorm. G. & S."




Update (Nov. 8, 2006): Photos from a visit to the Bildgiesserei Seiler, April 2006, with a brief explanation of the production process.




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