Other Bronze Monkeys with Skull


Bronze monkey with Buddha-like expression (of unknown origin; earliest known transaction: St. Petersburg/Leningrad, 1977; no signature; probably bronze; light-green patina; height: ca. 5 cm)


"Buddha Monkey" with skull--frontal view "Buddha Monkey" with skull--rear view "Buddha Monkey" with skull--left side "Buddha Monkey" with skull--right side


Photos courtesy of a Swiss Rheinhold fan. 2008.



Note that, unlike Rheinhold's ape, the monkey does not look at the skull; the monkey simply holds it so that it faces the viewer. With its gaze seemingly extending into the far distance (the broad horizon or perhaps the future), the monkey reminds me of a "wise man." Since there is a certain Buddha-like quality to this monkey, I dubbed it the "Buddha monkey."



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Axel Schmetzke, Ph.D.



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