Rheinhold's Ape Bronze--small version
(Stevens Point, WI; owned by Axel Schmetzke)

This is a specimen of Gladenbeck's smallest rendering of Hugo Rheinhold's "Philosophizing Ape" (see also the Gladenbeck Catalog, Nr. 1194). The approximate height without the base is10.5 cm. It is very similar to the Norwich sculpturewith two differences: The foundry marking reads "Akt.-G. vorm. H.G. & S.,"  not "Akt.-Ges. Gladenbe(ck) Berlin;" and the two letters "HB" (the meaning of which has been much speculated about but is essentially unknown) after "Darwin" are not quite as clearly executed.


Recently, re-editions of this version (from original Gladenbeck molds) are offered by the Bildgießerei Seiler GmbH, An der Reihe 204, 15566 S c h ö n e i c h e bei Berlin, Germany.




Hugo Rheinhold's Philosophizing Ape--small version


Photo courtesy of David Fox, M.D., © 2007. 




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Axel Schmetzke, Ph.D.



University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

900 Reserve

Stevens Point, WI 54481