Rheinhold's Monkey Bronze (Toronto, Ontario, Canada; private owner)

Height of bronze without base: 17 cm (with base: 19 cm). The patina is brown with a painted tan skull. Foundry markings: Aktien Ges. vorm. H. Gladenbeck & Sohn. Round black-and-white marble base (11.8 cm in diameter and 2 cm thick).


This is the medium-sized "monkey" version of Gladenbeck's line of production (see the Gladenbeck Catalog, Nr. 1193). For images of other medium-sized statuettes, see the "Karlsruhe" sculpture, the "Hamburg" sculpture," the "Paris" sculpture, the "eBay 2004" sculpture and the article by Morgan and Moore.



Side views


Rheinhold's ape--right side

Rheinhold's ape--left side




Frontal view and close-up of face


Rheinhold's ape--frontal view

Rheinhold's ape--cose-up of face and skull




Open book with Genesis quote (ERITIS SICUT DEUS), foundry markings
(Aktien Gesel vorm. H. Gladenbeck & Sohn), and "Darwin. HB" on book spine.


Rheinhold's ape--with ERITIS SICUT DEUS quote, "DARWIN. HB" and Gladenbeck markings

Rheinhold's ape--foundty markings: Aktien Gesel vorm. H. Gladenbeck & Sohn


Signature (Rheinhold)


Rheinhold's signature

Rheinhold's signature--close-up







All photos on this page courtesy of the owner of this bronze.


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