"Pensee de Darwin"


Cover page of Ward's Natural Science Bulletin
(Vol. XXVI, No. 4, March 1953) ...

Title page of Ward's Natural Science bulletin, March 1953, depicting a replica of Rheinhold's monkey.




... and the story behind it (p. 46)


Shows a photo of Mr. Gamble holding the skull of a chimanzee. Includes text explaining this photo as well as the monkey statuette depicted on the title page. The relevant text sections are provided, in accessible ASCII format, on this web page.




"OUR COVER: Not long ago a member of Ward's staff, while visiting at the home of a resident of Rochester, noticed the piece of statuary shown on the cover. Feeling that our readers would enjoy this witty and provocative statuette, he obtained the owner's permission to have it photographed, and this picture is the result. Unfortunately, we do not know the name of the sculptor or the date of the work. Neither do we offer any interpretations or profundities, preferring to let our readers provide their own captions. Our intention is only that this work of the (at present) unknown sculptor will afford entertainment, and perhaps a few moments' quiet reflection for those so constituted. We hope for the former, and the latter is by no means compulsory."





"The picture above [to the left; A.Sch.] is almost the reverse of the cover, for here Ward's Sales Manager, Mr. W.C. Gamble--the one, in fact, who noticed the cover subject--holds the skull of a chimpanzee, the mounted skin of which occupies the center stage. At the left is Mr. Joseph Santens, taxidermist, who mounted the chimpanzee. ..."












A brief follow-up piece in the February 1962 issue of (what had been renamed) Ward's Bulletin indicates that Mr. Gamble, even then, was still unaware of the "history, origin, or availability of this work."

In 1962, W.C. Gamble, Vice-President of Ward’s Natural Science Establishment, Inc. reported that Ward’s had received some 500 requests for the photography of this statuette, that he had distributed about 25,000 pictures of the little statue over the past few years, and that “every time we go to a Convention, people are fascinated by it.” (Letter, dated March 23, 1962, from W.C. Gamble to Mr. William M. Ziegler, Vice-President, Del Wood Associates). The statuette shown on the title page of Ward's Natural Science Bulletin is certainly not a Gladenbeck cast; it appears to be a rather crude replica.



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