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Web sites, just like buildings, can be designed to meet the needs of all people, including those with disabilities. Unfortunately, most current web pages contain major access barriers. This site was created to promote awareness about the need for accessible web design and to steer those who wish to learn more about the topic into the right direction. The audience for this resource guide include public school teachers and administrators; college and university instructors, administrators, and policy makers; distance educators; librarians; and disability professionals.

Special conference announcement:

14th Annual Accessing Higher Ground: Accessible Media, Web & Technology Conference, November 14-18, 2011, University of Colorado at Boulder

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Contents/Main Headings

Major organizations



Courses and workshops

Accessible web-design standards, guidelines and tips

Formal standards and guidelines

Design tips

Specific Web Accessibility Aspects

Other Accessible Web Design Resources Pages


Useful tools

Authoring/Conversion/Repair Tools for Accessible Web Pages

For a comparison of Web accessibility validation and repair tools, see

Validation (this section last updated 4/27/2011)

Text-only browser (Lynx)

Talking Web Browsers


Clutter-free web search tools


Examples of well and poorly designed web sites

Please note: For the most part the list of examples in the subsections below have not been recently checked.


For positive examples, consult the following site:

See it Right accessible websites directory. Web Access Centre. 12 Oct. 2004. Accessed 25 Oct. 2004.<>.

For negative examples, check the entries added on or after 30 Oct. 2004.

Examples of accessible sites (April 2000)

Examples of web pages/sites with major accessibility problems

Institutional accessible Web design policy statements


Legal information


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Section 508

E-Textbooks; National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS)


 Yet unsorted (currently being reorganized.; please be patient)

Further information about accessible web design and related topics

Training and awareness-generating resources

Recent general literature on the topic

Web access in the campus and library environment

Accessibility and Purchasing/Procurement

Accessibility of Internet search engine interfaces

Accessibility in Math and Science

Courseware Accessibility and Distance Education


Registration Software

Distance education for students with disabilities

Digital Collections/Repositories/Depositories

Electronic Textbooks

Google's Library Project

Accessibility of PDF, Powerpoint and Flash





Online Survey Tools

Web 2.0 ApplicationsThis resource aims to help those making decisions about their use of freely available 'Web 2.0' interactive and collaborate e-learning tools.


Related Topics

Computer use and adaptive technology

Library services to people with disabilities

Discussion Forums


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