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A Joint Project of the University Library and the Portage County Public Library

Portage County, Wisconsin
Cemetery Locator

A joint project of the
UWSP University Archives
Portage County Public Library
Stevens Point Area Genealogical Society

Portage County, from an 1895 Rand McNally Atlas

Search for names, dates and cemeteries: (press Enter or Select the gray Search button below)  The search is an automatic "AND" search, and finds only entries that match all of the words and or dates that you enter.  The search is also a "string" search: "Timm" also finds  "Stimm" and "Timmons." You may also enter this search in the Obituary Index.

The Portage County Cemetery Locator lists over 43,000 names located in 67 Portage County cemeteries.   The database is an update and continuation of Wayne Allen and Alta Guyant's Index of the Cemeteries of Portage County [Stevens Point: Stevens Point Area Genealogical Society, [19??], housed at the Portage County Public Library.  

The Guyant Index was completed in the mid-1970's.  The Cemetery Locator database was completed in mid-November of 1999.  The earliest identifiable birth date in the Cemetery Locator is that of Mary Crane, 1771 - 1872, in the First Belmont (Kent) cemetery.

The format of the Locator is consistent with the format of the Guyant Index.  Information in the database is transcribed directly from the headstones (and not church records). 

  • Blank:  Entries with "blank" in the date field indicate that information was not on the headstone.  A “blank” in the date of death field may mean the person is still living, but there are numerous cases where, considering the date of birth, the person is deceased, and the date of death has not yet been engraved.
  • ?:  Entries with "?" in the date field indicate that the information on the headstone was not decipherable.
  • No dates:  Entries with "No dates" in the date field indicate that the headstone has only a name.

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Cemetery Guide:
Select below for location and other information on Portage County cemeteries.


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